About Us

“VISHAL” a well known property constructor & developer’s in Belgaum, engaged in the business of designing, developing premium residential and commercial properties. The aim is to provide smartly designed Apartments and Bungalows which can accommodate all requirements, a beautiful landscaping with ample open space and best-in-class amenities and truly quality class housing for families.

Chairman's Message

Yes ! Greetings to you from the Chairman & Managing Director – Vijay Patil
Thank you for visiting "Vishal Infrabuild Ltd."

Please allow me to walk you through our set of core values, our purpose and our system.

Owning a home for our loved one’s is a dream for many in our country. Building a ‘dream house’ for a people as diverse and as demanding as us is a challenge.

Vishal stepped up to this challenge in the year ...

We first asked ourselves – why are we seeking entry into this field ? What will we be doing differently ?

So we set about trying to analyze the expectations of people.

By and large, those who wished to have a house were those who were living in somewhat overcrowded houses in narrow lanes. They wished to have a quiet home, in a clean neighbourhood, with environmentally friendly factors surrounding them.

Our aim, therefore, is to provide modest homes within sparkling clean environs, with as much contact with Mother Nature as could be afforded. With the use of renewable energies and the recycling of water as well as the harvesting of rain water, we planned to reduce the carbon footprint of our lifestyles and tread as softly as possible upon this overburdened Earth of ours.

Against this backdrop, happy lives could be made.

We have tested out this discovery time and again with our projects.

We have discovered that it has established a whole set of happy communities, with smiles abounding all around.

Our aim, therefore, has not been to merely build houses – but to try and give all of you some place where happiness and smiles can be found freely all around.

Please visit our completed projects and talk to those who live there. They will tell you of how high is the level of satisfaction at Vishal.

This is the greatest reward for me.

A totally satisfied customer is the reason we are here.

And we shall always be here – when you are ready.

Always by your side – Vishal !